An idea, a passion that develops into an adventure; this is MARIO BRICCOLA, with courage and dedication, has turned into a real entity. BRICíS is a story of achievements and ideas that played an important role in pursuing and anticipating the evolution of leather-goods trends. An ITALIAN brand, born from the Made in Italy that spread throughout the world of style.



The Bric's objective is that of creating collections expressing a cosmopolitan style and taste, through a PRACTICAL and FUNCTIONAL design combining trendy colours and state-of-the-art materials at a cost - effective price.

Bric's style aims to be modern and practical, careful of aesthetics and fashion trends, yet in mindful of that tradition in which Bric's has its roots and on which it bases its EXCELLENCE


Bric's starts the new millennium as a strongly established operator in the fashion business; a company that conserves its historical roots and yet grows with renewed spirit. Active, dynamic, ready to face up to the future with a product philosophy that aims to meet the demands of fashion whilst being part of its multiple trends. Bricís has become international thanks to its constant interpretation of these trends, transforming them into ideas, suggestions, feelings and products, with its collections ever more expressive of a cosmopolitan style and taste, conceived and evolved from an innate passion for creating refined, essential luggage items. Our eyes are on the world, keeping time with the dynamic rhythm of trends, styles and inclinations in all the different countries with the use of innovative materials and details. Bric's is now present and increasingly visible in Europe, America and Asia, a sign of the extensive modernisation and internationalisation of its brand name. The companyís vitality in past years has been based on the affectionate bond formed between the consumer and our products. Our present task is not merely to consolidate and build on this basis, but to create and spread a brand identity that symbolises constant research into style, technology and manufacturing technology: the fruits of the efforts and enthusiasm of a team of over two hundred highly skilled people.


bricís industria valigeria fine spa

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